“When I grow up I want to be a geologist!” – Said enthusiastically my son, after our short discussion on rocks and minerals. In hand he held a piece of pink calcite, and his eyes sparkled and he could not look away from the mineral, seemed to be the most beautiful and valuable thing in the world. I couldn’t take my eyes off also, but from his shining face. I knew that even the biggest diamond was in front of him – then his excitement would be the same, because the favor to the magic of nature and understanding the wonderful secrets of the Mother Earth are part of our human nature. However, we are so different, in each of us is lurking a little explorer. 

Dear readers, observers and passers,

I am a happy man! I am happy, because I have possibility of freely write and share with you my ideas, thoughts and knowledge. I’m happy because I’ve gained some experience and knowledge in the field of geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral and energy resources which gladly share with students, colleagues and friends.

Without knowledge we are like blind people in a sea of magical views. One is able to see only what has already known.

My call to You is – be careful about the sources of information, be alert to new ideas and opportunities, be yourself and do not be fooled, be united, but not part of the “herd”.

I hope I can be useful and interesting to you.


eng. Dimitar Petrov, PhD

Assistant Professor at the Department of “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Resources”

The University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”- Sofia

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